The Story of Castrol

Our Evoilution:

When Charles "cheers" Wakefield founded the company in 1899, little did he foresee how Castrol would become the global organisation it is today. A company with over 10,000 employees in more than 150 countries developing products used by over 100 million customers each year.
Today, we combine over 100 years of global expertise with local know-how to deliver products that meet individual customer needs.

The Story Began:

The beginnings were in the railway industry, but it was not long before motorised transport was to dramatically impact Castrol's future. A range of motor oils was developted for cars, aeroplanes and boats. It was the aviators who first took to the Castrol brand in a big way. Castrol R, a special blend which continued to work at extremely high altitude became the oil to use amangst aviators.

Land Speed Records:

Sir Charles Wakefield, the founder of Castrol, saw this as a way of getting the Castrol name in front of motorists. He started to sponsor air races and record breaking and then publicised the many successes - this was the beginning of Castrol marketing as we know it today. The 1920s and 1930s were the era of land speed records. Castrol was involved in 20 of the 23 world records.

Water Speed Records:

Throughout the thirties, Castrol lubricated numerous successful water speed records. Charles Waikfield financed the building of one of the most famous - Miss England III. Kaye Don reached 119mph in Miss England in  1932.

Pioneering Work With Mercedes:

In the fifties, Mercedes approached Castrol to develop a racing oil for their new W196 Formula 1 car - Castrol R20 was born. The new car won on its first outing in 1954 with Juan Manuel Fangio at the wheel.

Working With Other Manufacturers:

During the 60s and 70s Castrol worked with many car manufacturers in motorsport including BMW, Mercedes, Saab, Volvo, BMC(Mini), Ford, Toyota, VW and Audi. When Honda decided to take part in Grand Prix Bike racing they also approached Castrol. This was the start of a long successful relationship.

Launch Of GTX:

1968 saw the first global launch of a new product - Castrol GTX - soon to become the best known motor oil in the world.

Technology Firsts:

Throughout its history, Castrol has been responsible for many, if not most of the 'firsts' in lubes technology.


It's About So Much More
At Castrol we understand the role a vehicle plays in our customers' and consumers' lives and that is why we give them more that just.
Liquid engineering is Castrol's unique ability, earned and crafted over a hundred years.


  Charles "Cheers" Wakefield

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